May 24, 2024

Quiz #1

ICU Diaries

Renner, C., Jeitziner, M. M., Albert, M., Brinkmann, S., Diserens, K., Dzialowski, I., Heidler, M. D., Lück, M., Nusser-Müller-Busch, R., Sandor, P. S., Schäfer, A., Scheffler, B., Wallesch, C., Zimmermann, G., & Nydahl, P. (2023). Guideline on multimodal rehabilitation for patients with post-intensive care syndrome. Critical care (London, England), 27(1), 301.



EXPLANATION: Psychological health can improve through integrating relatives into care, keeping ICU diaries, and psychological care. On these guidelines, recommendations were made to ICU diaries to be implemented to reduce the risks of symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD in critically ill patients after discharge from the ICU. And even to be read by health care professionals during post-ICU follow-up. Some of the Future research demands included where is the best time to read the diaries and who should write them down.

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