May 12, 2021

Press Release


The President of ESICM, Prof Maurizio Cecconi, participated today as a keynote speaker at the European Parliament Interest Group meeting on Innovation in Health and Social Care, under the slogan “Strengthening the resilience and resource efficiency of EU Health systems: a call for an integrated approach”,  organised by Health First Europe.

The event was attended by Members of the European Parliament and representatives of leading European health organisations.

The primary aim of the Interest Group is to improve patient access to innovation in health and social care by influencing EU policy.

During the meeting, Prof Cecconi highlighted the importance of further EU support to Intensive Care Medicine and the urgency to address the current challenges to the free movement of intensivists within the EU. Prof Cecconi insisted on the fact that investing in the human capital, in training the healthcare community to better respond to health threats, is crucial for our preparedness for future health emergencies.


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