April 27, 2022

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Under the ALIVE Solidarity initiative, we continue to provide support to those impacted by the war with interactive sessions with military and civilian doctors who will give practical recommendations on how to care for patients suffering from war-related trauma injuries. These free webinars are open to all healthcare professionals, especially those in Ukraine and neighbouring countries who compassionately receive and care for those wounded in the conflict.


Colonel Peter MAHONEY
Military doctor, Birmingham’s Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (UK). Defence Professor of anaesthesia, specialised in military trauma resuscitation.

Prof Thomas LECLERC
Burn Centre, Percy Military Teaching Hospital, Clamart (FR); Val-de-Grâce Military Medical Academy, Paris (FR).



Prof Sophie HAMADA
Anesthesiologist and intensivist specialised in the acute management of trauma patients in trauma centers. Hopital Européen Georges Pompidou, Pairs (FR).

Critical care clinical fellow, Royal London Hospital (UK). Dr Carenzo has performed humanitarian work with MSF/ Doctors without Borders having worked in their trauma centre in Yemen during the current civil war and has worked under significant security measures, active fire and managed a large number of blast injuries.



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