March 7, 2023

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The intensive care unit (ICU) is one of the most complex environments in clinical settings. Healthcare professionals face their biggest professional challenges; patients go through one of the hardest times of their life, and family members find themselves highly vulnerable.

A safe and comfortable ICU environment will be the solution to help healthcare professionals provide high-quality care and, at the same time, cope with the most complex needs of ICU patients and their relatives.

However, constant patient monitoring, life support procedures and other essential equipment needed for ICU patient care are considered as most discomfort generators. Therefore, improvement actions must be taken, and in this webinar, we will tackle a few of them.

Learning Outcomes

  • Overview challenges of 24-hour monitoring in the ICU
  • Discuss mechanical ventilation in the ICU and how to deliver it comfortably
  • Go through the patient’s physiological parameters change and discuss the most significant way of monitoring them

Topics & experts

“24-hour monitoring in ICU”
University of Padua (IT). 

“Delivering comfortable mechanical ventilation” 
Saint-Eloi University Hospital, Montpellier (FR). 

“From physiological parameters changing to patient status monitoring” 
Central South University, Xiangya Hospital, Changsha (CN).


St-Louis University Hospital, Paris (FR). ESICM President.

AOUI-University Hospital Integrated Trust, Verona (IT).


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