November 25, 2021

New free webinar


Hospital inpatients can experience unexpected physiological deterioration leading to poor outcomes and death.

This free webinar showed how Enhanced Care services offer new ways to improve patient flow and release capacity within critical care, especially vital in the current landscape.

Furthermore, it discussed the importance of interprofessional ICU teams and developing communication strategies that minimise conflicts and avoid ICU burnout.

Learning Outcomes:

By attending this webinar, you will gain new insights into:

• the rationale for surgical Enhanced Care and its different models
• how to create a safe ICU environment, reduce ICU conflicts and minimise burnout

Topics and Experts:

“How and Why Enhanced Care/Ward Monitoring can improve effectiveness and productivity in OR and ICU”
Dr Daniele BRYDEN ~ Vice Dean, The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (UK)

“How to enhance cooperation among caregivers C-Suite and patient’s family and friends”
Prof Élie AZOULAY ~ President-Elect, ESICM


Prof Marlies OSTERMANN ~ Chair, ESICM Research Committee

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