March 3, 2021


Participate in our newest survey!


The European Society for Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism – ESPEN is conducting a worldwide survey to assess the different approaches to the management of patients with mesenteric ischaemia and intestinal infarction (AMI Survey).

Patients with mesenteric ischaemia often have a significant delay until a diagnosis is made and some then present with a mesenteric infarction. There may be differences in the availability of appropriate investigations and treatments as well as differences in teaching and awareness in different settings.

The aim of this survey is to assess the importance of some of these factors prior to conducting a more formal observational study. Participation is voluntary.

This survey is initiated by the ESPEN Acute Intestinal Failure Group and is endorsed by the ESICM. The Society’s Section of Metabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition (MEN) also supports the distribution of this survey.

Thank you for participating in this survey.

To take part in more endorsed surveys, visit our Survey webpage.

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