March 16, 2021

Replay key thematic sessions

ESICM Media Library: browse thematic sessions


The ESICM Media Library is a resource platform where you can replay or discover past webinars and congress’s sessions. You can search for lectures by title, author or session type. 

Access all available sessions here.

Each month we will highlight some of the available sessions related to a specific theme. With the upcoming webinar on the 2021 ERC-ESICM Guidelines on Post-Resuscitation Care, this month, we suggest you check out some of our past sessions curated by the Trauma and Emergency Medicine Section, including:

  • Airway closure during cardiac arrest
    Domenico Luca Grieco – ESICM LIVES 2020
  • Burn management from the ED to the ICU
    Matthieu Legrand – Webinar 2019
  • Can we predict defibrillation success during cardiac arrest?
    Giuseppe Ristagno – ESICM LIVES 2020
  • Claudio Sandroni interviews Jerry Nolan on cardiac arrest
    Claudio Sandroni, Jerry Nolan – ESICM LIVES 2020
  • Do I need biomarkers for neuroprognostication after cardiac arrest?
    Markus Skrifvars – ESICM LIVES 2019
  • Heart-lung interactions during CPR
    Antoine Vieillard-Baron – ESICM LIVES 2020
  • Risk factors and management of infections in trauma
    Sophie Hamada – ESICM LIVES 2019
  • When should we transfuse platelets in trauma patients?
    Sophie Hamada – ESICM LIVES 2020
  • …and many more!

Browse the Media Library to replay or discover the content that best suits your needs and keep learning!

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