May 27, 2024

Mental Health & Family Members by Nancy Kentish-Barnes

Accompany us on this fifth & last week of Mental Health Awareness Month, with the last of these insightful interviews on Mental Health in the ICU. This time, we bring you an interview about Mental Health and Family Members with Nancy Kentish-Barnes.

“Having a loved one in the ICU is extremely distressing for family members, and we know that they experience a lot of acute stress. […] We know that families only understand half of the information that’s given to them by the ICU team. So the ICU is characterized by a lot of fear, difficulties understanding the terms that are used, the environment, who’s who, etc.”

“Research has shown that when you improve communication and support, you reduce the risk of developing post traumatic stress”.

Let’s keep raising awareness, and support each other in our journey toward better mental health!


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