May 13, 2024

Margo Van Mol and ICU survivors & post-traumatic stress

Join us on the third week of Mental Health Awareness Month. We are trying to raise awareness through a special series of insightful interviews with intensivists that will be presented weekly. Margo Van Mol is the protagonist of this week’s video, and she talks about ICU survivors & post-traumatic stress. 

“The life of the ICU survivor is really affected. It can be, mostly, in 3 different domains: the physical domain, the cognitive domain, and the mental domain”. She continues, “The rehabilitation is the most important part as they get their strength back, and more power… it’s all about that. And then, very gradually, they come back into the world”.

“Family members who are in the room will help them recognise the place, to have a timeline, to have some conversations that they are familiar with”.

This May, let’s start conversations, raise awareness, and support each other in our journey toward better mental health. Together, we can make a difference.


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