January 22, 2020

Back to basics with leading experts

Learn how to apply the principles of physiology at the bedside


LIVES Physiology is by no means the “usual satellite conference”; it is something completely new. Prof. František Duška, Chair of the Division of Professional Development and Director of the LIVES Physiology Conference, describes how this innovative and educational conference will bring intensivists and physiologists together for a learning experience in how to apply the principles of physiology at the bedside.

Combining senior experts with some of the “rising stars” of the intensive care world, who will be presenting their cases for expert comment, the programme includes frontal lectures, interactive workshops and simulation exercises to learn to apply these principles…and all this in the heart of “magical” Prague!

Some of the key topics:

  • 6 FEBRUARY 2020 : The lungs, Right ventricle, Haemodynamics
  • 7 FEBRUARY 2020 : Gas exchange & microcirculation, Homeostasis, From bench to bedside
  • 8 FEBRUARY 2020 : Cellular bioenergetics & critical illness, Extreme environments /extreme adaptability, Point of view matters

Learn More for this three-day conference, which combines thematic sessions and frontal lectures with group-based learning, case-based studies, simulation exercises and ample networking opportunities. 


Registration is now closed.
The registration opening hours in the congress venue are as follows:
Thursday, 6 February 11:30 – 19:30
Friday, 7 February 07:30 – 18:00
Saturday, 8 February 09:00 – 13:00
The registration desk is located in the 1st floor of the Prague Congress Center, in the room Zoom.

In order to make the workshops as interactive as possible, the participants will be divided in 6 groups. Each group will attend meet the expert station and two out of three workshops as per your preference (Ventilation, Haemodynamics or Homeostasis/acid-base). Upon registration you will be asked to choose the group according to the workshops you prefer as long as places are available.





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