October 23, 2018


Challenges of liver failure in the ICU 2018

Wednesday Oct 24th

Julia Wendon is on the Arena hot seat for our final day at LIVES, and in keeping with the no-holds-barred format, she’s bravely agreed that nothing will be off limits! So join us for this UNPLUGGED session and bring all of your liver-related queries and ideas…

In this session, all topics related to the liver are on the table. We can talk about alcohol, septic liver dysfunction, acute liver failure, acute on chronic, liver trauma, liver surgery and more… you ask, we will discuss! Further, it might be interesting to delve into: How to enjoy liver critical care, difficulties with research in the field and of course, what makes it fun?

“Let’s throw out the tablets of stone, challenge each other and have some new ideas to take away and work with. We have best job in the world – all you need is enthusiasm!

~ Julia Wendon

 UNPLUGGED SESSION ~ Julia Wendon Unplugged

24.10.2018, 10:30 – 11:00, room ARENA

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