October 21, 2018


Yet another negative ICU trial. What are we doing wrong and what will the future of ICU research look like?

Monday Oct 22nd

The UNPLUGGED sessions are a new format, which bring you a top expert, a hot topic and few rules!

Spend 30 minute minutes in a highly informal chat about intensive care, randomised trials, and life with Derek Angus. There will be some things to celebrate, some to lament, some topics may become serious, and some more fun… As time allows, the chat can revolve around both about how we got here and where we may be going. Any and all questions welcome(!)

“To paraphrase a quote apocryphally attributed to Einstein: do we really think we can keep doing [ICU trials] the same way while expecting different results?

~ Derek Angus

 UNPLUGGED SESSION ~ Derek Angus Unplugged

22.10.2018, 10:30 – 11:00, room ARENA


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