September 25, 2017


Who will benefit from Intensive Care?


This morning begins with Hannah Wunsch focusing on answering one of the most essential questions – one that goes to the very core of what we do. Who should we treat? How many? Who benefits the most from being cared for in ICU? She will draw on her extensive research in this area and bring new insights to the discussion! Start your day at LIVES 2017 with this thought-provoking session… 

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Each decision to admit (or not) a patient to the ICU has consequences for the individual and such decisions can weigh heavily on clinicians due to the enormity of the stakes. However, provision of intensive care for patients without benefit has large negative implications for resource utilisation within a hospital and healthcare system. This presentation will examine recent studies that have tried to tackle the difficult question of identifying which patients will benefit from intensive care, and the methodological approaches used. It will discuss the idea of a “number needed to treat” when admitting patients to the ICU. The talk will also examine how the answer(s) to this question may vary in different healthcare systems.


“Many patients express the wish that an entire hospital be made up of ICU beds due to the high quality of care and sense of safety they feel when in an ICU. But without unlimited resources, this is an impossibility; identifying which patients can benefit from the higher intensity of staffing and high tech interventions is, therefore, an imperative.”

~Hannah Wunsch

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Keynote Lecture ~ Who will benefit from Intensive Care?

26.09.2017, 08:00 – 08:25, room VIENNA 

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