September 23, 2017

Opening Session

From past to future… Two thought-provoking talks

A LIVES opening session would not be complete without introducing some great speakers to the audience! The LIVES 2017 opening session will mesh the past and the future with two inspiring keynote presentations provided by special guests from the Harvard Business School and our own ESICM family…

The vital role of psychological safety in patient safety
Speaker: Amy C. Edmondson, Boston, United States

In her forward-thinking presentation, Author Professor Edmondson covers the following essential points for anyone who seeks to succeed in the ICU work environment:

  • What psychological safety is (what it isn’t) and why it matters for healthcare delivery
  • How a safe interpersonal environment supports error reporting, asking questions and seeking help
  • Why learning from failure is difficult in health care organisations
  • What leaders can do to build a learning organisation




ESICM 1982-2017: From pampers to maturity and excellence
Speaker: Peter Suter, Geneva, Switzerland

To mark the occasion of ESICM’s 35th year, the society’s first official President Peter Suter (1982-86) will join us. Who better to enlighten us on the true evolution of our organisation, and the field of intensive care medicine than the man who led our fledgling society during it’s earliest years?

We are honoured that Professor Suter can share his insights and anecdotes on ESICM’s start and his opinions on our evolution today.

Don’t miss this commemorative session…


OPENING SESSION ~ Thematic Session

Sunday September 24th 2017, 17:00-18:25, Hall A

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