October 2, 2016

Two top experts + two inspired talks

The audience at the LIVES 2016 opening session will be treated to two inspiring keynote presentations provided by special guests from NASA and the military. Astronaut Dr. Michael Barratt and Col. Dr. Serge Jennes offer us a glimpse of what they will discuss in this featured session… 


A new physiology: Caring for the extraterrestrial
Speaker: Michael Barratt, Houston, United States

The human entering weightlessness undergoes a constellation of significant physical and physiological changes.  Systems and anatomy most profoundly affected include cardiovascular, neurosensory, ophthalmic, and musculoskeletal, leading to new physiologic norms. These are adaptive and partially serve to optimise inflight performance, but are followed by an equally significant re-adaptation following Earth return.   



Dr. Bob Thirsk injecting conducting gel into electrodes of another crewmember for an inflight EEG study. (PHOTO: Courtesy of M. Barratt, NASA)




Terror victims in the ICU: Move on, look back   
Speaker: Serge Jennes, Brussels, Belgium

Since 9/11, many European cities have been confronted with mass terrorist casualty disasters. ICUs always have been and always will be a central location for victims severely effected by these events to be treated. The key for success is preparation and planning in every field of competency. While military medicine/surgery skills and knowledge (e.g. TCCC; DCS; BBB; burn, blast and fragmentation injuries, gunshot wounds; lethal triad; transfusion; tranexamic acid, etc…) are essential, several other factors need to be considered, including clear communication strategies; emotional control techniques; planning and preparation of the unit; security protocols and mental health issues of patients and staff.



Brussels Airport departure hall and Maelbeek metro station following the bombings in Brussels, Belgium on 22 March, 2016 (PHOTOS: Provided by S. Jennes)




Launch your congress experience with this enlightening session…


OPENING SESSION ~ Thematic Session

Sunday October 2nd 2016, 17:00-18:30, Room Milan 


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