September 6, 2022

An ALIVE Foundation Initiative

Replay available


Last year we launched COVID-19 ALIVE, a free learning opportunity addressing common issues faced when caring for critically ill COVID-19 patients in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The programme, still open, leverages multimedia resources on how to address COVID-19 patients’ needs, as well as infrastructure and resources management.

How has the COVID-19 situation evolved globally and what can we learn about its impact in LMCIs one year later? Which novel ways of addressing the void induced by the COVID-19 surges have been found?

During this round table discussion, a host of international experts, including Drs Martin Dünser, Elisa Estenssoro, Rebecca Inglis, Mervyn Mer and Alfred Papali, shared their experiences managing COVID-19, with a particular focus on low-resource settings.

We also had the honour of welcoming Prof Glenda Gray, one of the 50 most powerful women in Africa according to Forbes, and among TIME’s 100 most influential people worldwide. President of the South African Medical Research Council, she’s an acclaimed international expert on HIV and COVID-19.



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