January 8, 2020

Making sense of the data we have

Using data and AI to improve patient care


In his first icTV interview as Chair of the Data Science Section, Prof. Ari Ercole describes the “mountains” of data that intensivists are sitting on in the ICU. Not even half of this is appreciated yet we need it to make better informed decisions to improve patient care.

This situation can be improved by making data more salient and available in a better format.

It takes time to translate this technology into forward-thinking patient care however. There has been an explosion in articles and academic interest in publishing AI machine learning modelling and big data approaches specifically for intensive care and ESICM has invested in this. The ESICM Data Science Section is a new home for members who have a specific interest in this area.

The second Critical Care Datathon and Big Data Talk in Milan (31 January – 2 February 2020) also offers clinicians an opportunity to work with data scientists and real data and to learn to use data science practically, without the need for a text book.

Learn more about the Datathon and Big Data Talk


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