June 27, 2017

ICMx: Newest Online Articles ~ Summer 2017        


Enjoy these new articles from Intensive Care Medicine Experimental "hot off the press" below…

Research ~ Tamara Merz et al. Impact of hyperglycemia on cystathionine-γ-lyase expression during resuscitated murine septic shock. Original publication: 14 June 2017

Research ~ Kristofer F. Nilsson et al. The novel nitric oxide donor PDNO attenuates ovine ischaemia-reperfusion induced renal failure. Original publication: 9 June 2017

Research ~ Thiago Gomes Romano et al. Effect of continuous dialysis on blood pH in acidemic hypercapnic animals with severe acute kidney injury: a randomised experimental study comparing high vs. low bicarbonate affluent. Original publication: 30 May 2017

Research ~ Hendrik J. F. Helmerhorst et al. Hyperoxia provokes a time- and dose-dependent inflammatory response in mechanically ventilated mice, irrespective of tidal volumes. Original publication: 26 May 2017

Research ~ Matthias Peter Hilty et al. Assessment of endothelial cell function and physiological microcirculatory reserve by video microscopy using a topical acetylcholine and nitroglycerin challenge. Original publication: 18 May 2017


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