June 27, 2018

Intensive Care Medicine Experimental

ICMx – Most recent papers


Research ~ John P. R. Moore et al. Allostasis and sedation practices in intensive care evaluation: an observational pilot study. Original publication: 20 June 2018​

Research ~ Benjamin Malard et al. In vitro comparison of the adsorption of inflammatory mediators by blood purification devices. Original publication: 4 May 2018​

Research ~ Osamu Nagano et al. Bias flow rate and ventilation efficiency during adult high-frequency oscillatory ventilation: a lung model study. Original publication: 19 April 2018

Review ~ Stuart Gallacher et al. Serum chloride levels in critical illness—the hidden story. Original publication: 13 April 2018​

Research ~ Gustavo A. Cortes-Puentes et al. Positional effects on the distributions of ventilation and end-expiratory gas volume in the asymmetric chest—a quantitative lung computed tomographic analysis. Original publication: 10 April 2018

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