December 23, 2016


January 2017


ORIGINAL ~ Sepsis: What can fecal microbiota tell us about clinical outcomes?

Lankelma et al. Critically ill patients demonstrate large interpersonal variation of intestinal microbiota dysregulation: a pilot study. In this study, a marked shift in fecal bacterial composition and a significant decrease in bacterial diversity were observed in critically ill patients. 


ORIGINAL ~ Coinfection & influenza: An increasing trend in ICUs

Martin-Loeches et al. Increased incidence of Coinfection in Critically Ill Patients with Influenza. This study determined the rate of coinfection, as well as risk factors and outcomes associated with coinfection in critically ill patients with in?uenza over a 7?year period. 



ORIGINAL ~ Improving the ICU experience for patients' relatives

Mistraletti et al. A family information brochure and dedicated website to improve the ICU experience for patients’ relatives: an Italian multicentre before-and-after study. This study presents a simple, generalisable communication intervention, which improves the psychological outcome and family members’ understanding without increasing staff workload

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