September 9, 2022

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Machines that save lives in intensive care: why a special issue in ICM?
Jaber S., Citerio G. and Combes A.

Special Issue Insight
Volatile anesthetics for ICU sedation: the future of critical care or niche therapy?
Beitler J.R. and Talmor D.

Monitoring of renal perfusion
Darmon M., Schnell D. and Schneider A.

Clustering analysis of geriatric and acute characteristics in a cohort of very old patients on admission to ICU
Mousai O. et al.

Delivering optimal renal replacement therapy to critically ill patients with acute kidney injury
Wald R. et al.

Narrative Review
Artificial liver support in patients with liver failure: a modified DELPHI consensus of international experts
Saliba F. et al.

What’s New in Intensive Care
What’s new in paediatric ventilator liberation?
Ramnarayan P., Blackwood B. and Khemani R.G.

Understanding the Disease
Compartmentalisation of immune responses in critical illness: does it matter?
Conway Morris A., Rynne J. and Shankar-Hari M.

A ray of hope in the discord: is adding piperacillin–tazobactam to vancomycin truly more nephrotoxic?
Côté J-M., Kane-Gill S.L. and Murray P.T.

Correction to: Central venous pressure (CVP)
Hamzaoui O. and Teboul J-L


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