September 2, 2022

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Extubation in neurocritical care patients: the ENIO international prospective study
Cinotti R. et al.

Lasting Legacy in Intensive Care Medicine
Thromboprophylaxis in critical care
Helms J., Middeldorp S., Spyropoulos A.C.

Preventing pressure injuries among patients in the intensive care unit: insights gained
Coyer F., Labeau S., Blot S.

OPEN ACCESS ~ What’s New in Intensive Care
New drugs for acute kidney injury
Pickkers P., Murray P.T., Ostermann M.

OPEN ACCESS ~ Special Issue Insight
Physiology of extracorporeal CO2 removal
Gattinoni L., Coppola S., Camporota L.

Narrative Reviews
How to improve intubation in the intensive care unit. Update on knowledge and devices
De Jong A. et al.

Electroencephalogram in the intensive care unit: a focused look at acute brain injury
Alkhachroum A. et al.

Machines that help machines to help patients: optimising antimicrobial dosing in patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and renal replacement therapy using dosing software
Roberts J.A. et al.

Extubation failure in patients with acute brain injury: a major problem still awaiting a solution
Bösel J. and Rabinstein A.A.

Pulmonary air leak in COVID-19: time to learn from our mistakes
Boussarsar M. and Protti A.

From the Inside
All about love: coping with critical illness
Brandao Barreto B., Luz M., Gusmao-Flores D.

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine
Skin changes in heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
Mishra R. et al.

Correct calculation of the mean systemic pressure analogue
Werner Moller P. and Parkin W.G.

Intracranial pressure pulse morphology: the missing link?
Brasil S.

Intracranial pressure pulse morphology: the missing link? Author’s reply
Hawryluk G.W.J., Citerio G., Robba C

Decision-making process during limitation life-sustaining support meetings in French intensive care units
Tarcy T.


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