May 12, 2023

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OPEN ACCESS ~ What’s New in Intensive Care
Ventilator associated tracheobronchitis and pneumonia: one infection with two faces
Martin-Loeches I., Povoa P. and Nseir S.

To mobilise or not to mobilise: is that the right question?
Hodgson C.L., Kho M.E. and Maldaner da Silva V.

OPEN ACCESS ~ Editorial
More than patient benefit: taking a broader view of ICU admission decisions
Batten J.N., Caruso P. and Metaxa V.

OPEN ACCESS ~ From the Inside
No blood transfusion for my own anaemia—tit for tat?
Bein T. 

Publication hyper-inflation in the field of intensive care
Tsutsumi Y., Tsuchiya A. and Kawahara T.

Rapid temperature increases under isoflurane sedation
Müller-Wirtz L.M. et al.

Severe bronchiolitis in infants less than 12 months old
Gelbart B. and Shann F.

Norepinephrine dosage: the details go beyond a grain of salt
Wieruszewski P.M.

Norepinephrine dose and the grain of salt: a task force is needed
Leone M.


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