February 23, 2018

Intensive Care Medicine journal


From the Inside ~ Erwin J. O. Kompanje. Burnout, boreout and compassion fatigue on the ICU: it is not about work stress, but about lack of existential significance and professional performance.

Conference Reports and Expert Panel  ~ Darryl Abrams et al. Position paper for the organisation of ECMO programs for cardiac failure in adults.

Original ~ Jean-Louis Vincent et al. Comparison of European ICU patients in 2012 (ICON) versus 2002 (SOAP).

Correspondence ~ Ashraf Roshdy et al. Vascular-induced lung injury: another advocate for personalised ARDS management.

Correspondence ~ Kazuya Kikutani et al. Potential confounders affecting the reintubation rate.

Correspondence ~ Eric Laurent et al. On the “bubble” of burnout’s prevalence estimates.

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