September 8, 2023

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OPEN ACCESS ~ Original
Influence of socio-economic status on functional recovery after ARDS caused by SARS-CoV-2: the multicentre, observational RECOVIDS study
Declercq P-L. et al. 

What’s New in Intensive Care
What’s new with glucocorticoids in severe community-acquired pneumonia?
Dequin P-F., Julio A. Ramirez and Grant Waterer

2030: will we still need our microbiologist?
LakbarI., Singer M. and Leone M. 

Tackling sepsis-associated acute kidney injury using routinely collected data
Claure-Del Granado R., James M.T. and Legrand M.

Greenery and outdoor facilities to improve the wellbeing of critically ill patients, their families and caregivers: things to consider
van Iperen I.D., Maas J. and Spronk P.E.

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine
Lipoid pneumonia after a suicide attempt with detergent ingestion
Marco D.N. et al.

The impact of dynamic driving pressure on mortality during veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
Tonna J.E. et al.

Risk factors of extubation failure in neurocritical patients with the most impaired consciousness
de Courson H. et al. 

Effectiveness of blue light-emitting glasses for intensive care unit health care workers on night shifts during the COVID-19 pandemic
Opperhuizen A-L.. et al.

Validation of pre-conditioning EASIX for prediction of sepsis after allogeneic stem cell transplantation
Korell F. et al.

Can the terms “low resource setting” and “low-income country” be used interchangeably in the context of intensive care medicine?
Kovacevic P. 

Double the risk of death and other ‘inconvenient truths’ about oliguria
Kellum J.A. and Murugan R.

Details and the devil within – the case of sepsis associated acute kidney injury
Gómez H. and Zarbock A.

Clinical implications of urine output-based sepsis-associated AKI. Author’s reply
White K.C., Laupland K.B. and Bellomo R.

Microcirculation as a guide for therapy: do not condemn an innocent without a fair trial
Damiani E. et al. 


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