November 10, 2016


November 11, 2016


What's New in Intensive Care ~ Dondorp et al. Recommendations for the management of severe malaria and severe dengue in resource-limited settings.
Letter ~ Rozé et al. Decrease of thoracopulmonary compliance with pressure assist controlled ventilation in ARDS patients under ECMO and transported to a referral centre.     

Original ~ Duan et al. Assessment of heart rate, acidosis, consciousness, oxygenation, and respiratory rate to predict noninvasive ventilation failure in hypoxemic patients.      

Editorial ~ Singer. The new sepsis consensus definitions (Sepsis-3): the good, the not-so-bad, and the actually-quite-pretty.       

Editorial ~ Sprung et al. The new sepsis consensus definitions: the good, the bad and the ugly.
Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Hernández-Ramírez et al. Localised Janeway lesions after ECMO.     

Editorial ~ Luyt and Rice. Co-infection in severe influenza: a new epidemiology?   

Editorial ~ Hjortrup and Delaney. Fluid management in the ICU: has the tide turned?

Editorial ~ Capuzzo et al. What were you able to do in your daily life? Performance status for the critically ill patient

Letter ~ Ray et al. Liberal oxygenation in paediatric intensive care: retrospective analysis of high-resolution SpO2 data.   

Focus Editorial ~ Azoulay et al. Focus on transfusion, bleeding and thrombosis.      

PROCON ~ Machado et al. Fixed minimum volume resuscitation: Pro

PROCON ~ Perner and Singer. Fixed minimum fluid volume for resuscitation: Con.

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