April 19, 2024

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Monitoring esophageal pressure
Piquilloud L., Beitler J. B. and Beloncle F. M.

Management of the brain-dead donor in the intensive care unit
Gunst J. and Souter M. J.



Association between arterial oxygen and mortality across critically ill patients with hematologic malignancies: results from an international collaborative network
Dumas G. et al

OPEN ACCESS ~ Original
Effects of restrictive fluid therapy on the time to resolution of hyperlactatemia in ICU patients with septic shock. A secondary post hoc analysis of the CLASSIC randomized trial
Ahlstedt C. et al

Navigating complex interventions in post-ICU care: insights from a randomized clinical trial of post-intensive care multidisciplinary consultations
Rosa R. G. and Walsh T. S.

Contemporary management of aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage. An update for the intensivist
Robba C. et al

Narrative Review
Head-to-toe bedside ultrasound for adult patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
Douflé G. et al

Visual Abstract

‘Reviving’ the call for standardization of the composite outcome of major adverse kidney events in critical care nephrology research
Flannery A. H. et al

From the pandemic to a war: a call for solidarity with all healthcare workers
Montomoli J. et al

Weaning strategy in patients at low-to-medium risk of extubation failure. Author’s reply
Hernández G. and Rodriguez P.

Norepinephrine dose and concentration reporting: a closer look at the fine print
Goyer I., Levy B. and Leone M.

Negative pressure ventilation, an umbrella against ventilator induced lung injury
Roberts J. H. M. et al

Let’s treat the untreatable, but first we need to diagnose it!
Reintam Blaser A., Coopersmith C. M. and Acosta S.

Weaning strategy in patients at low-to-medium risk of extubation failure
Jha A. K.


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