June 23, 2023

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OPEN ACCESS ~ Conference Reports and Expert Panel
ESICM guidelines on acute respiratory distress syndrome: definition, phenotyping and respiratory support strategies
Grasselli G. et al.

Relationship between COVID-19 and ICU-acquired colonization and infection related to multidrug-resistant bacteria: a prospective multicenter before-after study
Kreitmann L. et al.

Long-term effects of restriction of intravenous fluid in adult ICU patients with septic shock
Nørregaard Kjær M-B. et al.

Narrative Review
Differentiating infection, colonisation, and sterile inflammation in critical illness: the emerging role of host-response profiling
Jeffrey M. et al.

From the Inside
A personal trip into spirituality and religion in critical care
Pelosi P. 

Selective digestive decontamination- Not sure
Wiersinga W.J.


Stefan J Schaller is Deputy Clinical Director of the Department of Anesthesiology and Operative Intensive Care Medicine (CVK/CCM) at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (DE). He is also a Faculty member of the School of Medicine (Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care) at the Technical University of Munich (DE).

His research interests include skeletal muscle, long-term outcomes of critically ill patients, development of new ventilation techniques, frailty, ethics, palliative care, end-of-life care, and inter-professionalism diversity.

S. Schaller

MetaSepsisBase: a biomarker database for systems biological analysis and personalized diagnosis of heterogeneous human sepsis
Zhang C. et al.

Assessing the usefulness of a large language model to query and summarize unstructured medical notes in intensive care
Madden M.G., McNicholas B.A. and Laffey J.G.

Intensive care units during the Ukraine war: challenges and opportunities
Bielka K., Kuchyn I. and Horoshko V.

Dichotomy between ventilator associated-pneumonia/ tracheobronchitis: did you ask the lung its opinion? Author’s reply
Martin-Loeches I., Povoa P. and Nseir S.

Retraction Notes
Retraction Note: Influence of nimodipine and nifedipine on intrapulmonary shunting – a comparison to other vasoactive drugs
Boldt J. et al. 

Retraction Note: Phosphodiesterase-inhibitors enoximone and piroximone in cardiac surgery: influence on platelet count and function
Boldt J. et al. 

Retraction Note to: Does age affect liver function and the hepatic acute phase response after major abdominal surgery?
Suttner S.W. et al.

Retraction Note to: Does platelet size correlate with function in patients undergoing cardiac surgery?
Boldt J. et al. 

Retraction Note: Thrombomodulin in intensive care patients
Boldt J. et al. 

Retraction Note: Right ventricular function and cardiac surgery
Boldt J. et al. 

Retraction Note: Does long-term continuous administration of pentoxifylline affect platelet function in the critically ill patient?
Boldt J. et al. 


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