July 5, 2024

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Using the helmet
Grassi A. and Bellani G.

Selective digestive tract decontamination implementation
Schouten J., van Mol M. and De Waele J. J.



OPEN ACCESS ~ Original
Twenty percent human albumin solution fluid bolus administration therapy in patients after cardiac surgery-II: a multicentre randomised controlled trial
Wigmore G. J. et al

The limitations of evidence-based medicine compel the practice of personalized medicine
Einav S. and O’Connor M.

Who should receive volume resuscitation with 20% albumin after cardiac surgery? It is probably more complex than just a lack of flair!
Honore P. M., Lawler P. R. and Zarbock A.

Frailty is crucial in FORECASTing outcomes in critical care
Ferrante L. E. and Szczeklik W.

Sex-, gender-, and diversity-based analysis of the Intensive Care Medicine Journal’s most-cited articles of 2023
Schluchter H., Schaden E. and Seeland U.


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