April 21, 2023

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OPEN ACCESS ~  Originals
Interferon gamma-1b for the prevention of hospital-acquired pneumonia in critically ill patients: a phase 2, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial
Roquilly A. et al.

Association between prehospital end-tidal carbon dioxide levels and mortality in patients with suspected severe traumatic brain injury
Bossers S.M. et al.

What’s New in Intensive Care
Liver transplantation for patients with severe acute on chronic liver failure: it is time to change paradigms
Artzner T., Fernandez J. and Jalan R.

Prehospital ventilation targets in severe traumatic brain injury
Mariero Olasveengen T. and Stocchetti N.

Recent Advances in ICU
Acute kidney injury
Joannidis M., Meersch-Dini M. and Forni L.G.


Victoria Metaxa is Clinical Lead at Critical Care Outreach Services, King’s College Hospital in London and a board member of the National Outreach Forum.

Her main interests are medical ethics, end-of-life care in ICU and critical care provision for haemato-oncology patients. She is heavily involved in the provision of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) -T therapy, aiming to accelerate clinical experience, promote research and define a working framework in the emerging field of immune cell therapy.

Victoria Metaxa

Variants of concern and clinical outcomes in critically ill COVID-19 patients
The DP-EFFECT-BRAZIL investigators

The Salzburg Intensive Care database (SICdb): an openly available critical care dataset
Rodemund N. et al. 

Retraction Note
Retraction Note: Volume replacement strategies on intensive care units: results from a postal survey
Boldt J. et al

Correction: Epidemiology, clinical presentation, and outcomes of 620 patients with eosinophilia in the intensive care unit
Gaillet A. et al.


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