October 15, 2021

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External validation of prognostic scores for COVID-19: a multicenter cohort study of patients hospitalized in Greater Paris University Hospitals
Lombardi Y. et al.

Individualised versus conventional glucose control in critically-ill patients: the CONTROLING study—a randomized clinical trial
Bohé J. et al.

What’s New in Intensive Care
The future of antimicrobial dosing in the ICU: an opportunity for data science
De Corte T., Elbers P. and De Waele J.

Critical influenza and prophylactic antifungal therapy for aspergillosis: a nuanced approach to a pertinent infectious disease
Vanderbeke L. et al.

Securing the airway in critical care scenarios: questioning the fundamentals
Bhakta P. et al.

From the Inside
Fly me to the moon
Jansson P.S.

A letter to my doctors
Kanaris C.

Assess COVID-19 prognosis … but be aware of your instrument’s accuracy!
Capuzzo M. et al. 

Medical dominos: impact of COVID-19 care on the health of the population
Garland A. and Cortegiani A.

The REMDACTA trial: do interleukin receptor antagonists provide additional benefit in COVID-19?
Tatham K.C. et al. 

Using the lung ultrasound score to monitor disease progression for COVID-19-associated ARDS
Nguyen M. et al. 

Cardiovascular SOFA score may not reflect current practice
Bachmann K.F. et al.

Critical care ultrasound goal-directed versus early goal-directed therapy in septic shock
Yu K. et al.


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