June 16, 2023

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OPEN ACCESS ~ Original
Direct assessment of microcirculation in shock: a randomized-controlled multicenter study
Bruno R.R. et al. 

What’s New in Intensive Care
Ancillary testing for neurologic determination of death in adults: in search of a surrogate of clinical function
Chassé M.

The future of artificial intelligence in intensive care: moving from predictive to actionable AI
Smit J.M. et al.

Understanding the Disease
The forgotten relevance of central venous pressure monitoring
Pesenti A., Slobod D. and Magder S.

Resistance to unfractionated heparin in the ICU: evaluation and management options
Levy J.H., Frere C. and Koster A.


Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine
Acute flail tricuspid valve from blunt trauma
Fazzini B. et al.

What should a “surviving severe ACLF campaign” look like?
Artzner T., Fernandez J. and Jalan R.

Encouraging responsible intensive care data sharing
Thoral P. and Elbers P.

Catheter-related thrombosis in critically ill patients: a clinical problem or just a matter of definition?
Cutuli S.L. et al. 

Advancing the understanding of catheter-related thrombosis in critically ill patients step by step
Wu C. et al.

Retraction Notes
Retraction Note: The new phosphodiesterase inhibitor enoximone in patients following cardiac surgery – pharmacokinetics and influence on parameters of coagulation
Boldt J. et al. 

Retraction Note: Influence of cardiac output on thermal-dye extravascular lung water (EVLW) in cardiac patients
Boldt J. et al.


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