June 3, 2022

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Lasting Legacy in Intensive Care Medicine
Catheter dressings
Buetti N., Rickard C.M. and Timsit J-F.

Critical care ultrasound
Wong A., Robba C. and Mayo P.

OPEN ACCESS ~ Understanding the Disease
Understanding base excess (BE): merits and pitfalls
Langer T., Brusatori S. and Gattinoni L.

The challenge of pharmacological thromboprophylaxis in ICU patients: anti-FXa activity does not constitute a simple solution
Gratz J. et al.

Beyond failure or success: reflections on the ethical justifications for time-limited trial of intensive care
Hei-Lok Cheung E., Chun-Hei Cheung J. and Yip Y-Y.

Ten myths about albumin: do not forget the endothelium
Hariri G. et al. 

Shorter might not always be better: the case for longer antibiotic therapy for Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia
Siegrist E.A. and Sassine J.

Effect modification in a clinical trial should be assessed through interaction terms, not prognostic modelling
Roepke R.M.L.


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