July 15, 2022

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Bleeding and thrombotic events in patients with severe COVID-19 supported with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: a nationwide cohort study
Mansour A. et al.

Presymptomatic diagnosis of postoperative infection and sepsis using gene expression signatures
Lukaszewski R.A. et al.

Special Issue Insight
Monitoring cerebral oxygenation in acute brain-injured patients
Robba C. et al.

Optimising aerosolized therapies in critically ill patients
Dhanani J., Taniguchi L.U. & Ranzani O.T.

Invasive arterial pressure monitoring: much more than mean arterial pressure!
Hernandez G., Messina A. & Kattan E. 

Lasting Legacy in Intensive Care Medicine
Blood transfusion: the search for the sweet spot
Vlaar A.P.J.

From the Inside
Feelings of strangeness in intensive care units patients
Poujol A-L. & Laurent A.

What’s New in Intensive Care
Virtual reality in intensive care
Bruno R.R., Bruining N., Jung C. at al.

Intracranial pressure: current perspectives on physiology and monitoring
Hawryluk G. W. J. et al.

Differences in HADS and SF-36 scores 1 year after critical illness in COVID-19 patients
Teixeira Tallarico R. et al.

Institutional recommendation for the withdrawal of scientific articles from Joachim Boldt
Wiedermann C.J.

ICM Editors’ reply to a letter by Wiedermann “Institutional recommendation for the withdrawal of scientific articles from Joachim Boldt”
Citerio G. et al.

The effects of family presence in the intensive care unit are yet to be unveiled
Chun-Hei Cheung J., Tin Ho L., Hei-Lok Cheung E. & Yip Y-Y

Bleeding and clotting while supported with ECMO: time to move forward
Pratt E.H., Stokes J.W. & Fan E.

OPEN ACCESS ~ Correction
Correction to: Clinical and organizational factors associated with mortality during the peak of first COVID-19 wave: the global UNITE-COVID study
Greco M. et al.


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