July 16, 2021

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Do not just sit there, do something … but do no harm: the worrying aspects of COVID-19 experimental interventions
Singer M. and Kalil A.

Why and how do we need comprehensive international clinical epidemiology of ARDS?
Tognoni G. et al.

COVID-19 in Intensive Care
The gut in COVID-19
Reintam Blaser A. et al.

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine
Diagnosis of spontaneous intestinal perforation using point of care ultrasound 
Oulego-Erroz I. et al.

Skin-to-skin care with sedated and ventilated mother
Hayon J. et al.

Narrative Review
Non-invasive ventilatory support and high-flow nasal oxygen as first-line treatment of acute hypoxemic respiratory failure and ARDS
Grieco D.L. et al.

What’s new in Intensive Care
When could airway plateau pressure above 30 cmH2O be acceptable in ARDS patients?
Diehl J-L. and Talmor D.


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Caring for COVID-19 patients and their relatives with the ICU diary
Costa-Pinto R., Mellinghoff J. and Brandao Barreto B. 


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