June 23, 2017


Original ~ Ricardo Silveira Yamaguchi et al. Peripherally inserted central catheters are associated with lower risk of bloodstream infection compared with central venous catheters in paediatric intensive care patients: a propensity-adjusted analysis.

Conference Reports and Expert Panel ~ M. Joannidis et al. Prevention of acute kidney injury and protection of renal function in the intensive care unit: update 2017: Expert opinion of the Working Group on Prevention, AKI section, European Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

What's New in Intensive Care ~ Daniele Poole et al. Intensive Care Medicine in 2050: Statistical tools for development of prognostic models (why clinicians should not be ignored).

What's New in Intensive Care ~ Peter C. Rimensberger et al. The top ten unknowns in paediatric mechanical ventilation.

What's New in Intensive Care ~ Francois Lamontagne et al. Permissive hypotension during shock resuscitation: equipoise in all patients?

Original ~ A. Parker Ruhl et al. Healthcare utilisation and costs in ARDS survivors: a 1-year longitudinal national US multicentre study.

Letter ~ Gennaro Martucci et al. The effect of high-dose cholecalciferol on bioavailable vitamin D levels in critically ill patients: a post hoc analysis of the VITdAL-ICU trial.

Understanding the Disease ~ Nicolas Weisset al. Understanding haepatic encephalopathy.

Editorial ~ José-Artur Paiva and Kevin B. Laupland. Real-time PCR for early microbiological diagnosis: is it time? 
From the Inside ~ Giuseppe Naretto and Alessandra Boratti. Storeroom 99: a place for words to support families of ICU patients.

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Jiaqi Xu et al. Echography of pneumatosis intestinalis and haepatic portal venous gas in a patient with septic shock.

Correspondence ~ Jérôme Allardet-Servent et al. Comments on Morelli et al.: Extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal (ECCO2R) in patients with acute respiratory failure.

Correspondence ~ Alessandro Santini et al. Driving airway pressure: should we use a static measure to describe a dynamic phenomenon?

Letter ~ René López et al. Minute ventilation to carbon dioxide production ratio is a simple and non-invasive index of ventilatory inefficiency in mechanically ventilated patients: proof of concept.


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