June 28, 2022

Intensive Care Medicine journal

Intensive Care Medicine’s IF is 41.787


The 2022 journal citation reports (JRC) have just been released by Clarivate Analytics.

We are very pleased to announce to our readers that the 2021 Impact Factor of Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) is 41.787!

ICM ranks second among the Medical Journals in the Critical Care category and FIRST among the journals dealing only with critical care topics.

Once again, ICM confirms its position among the most influential Journals in the Critical Care category. We owe special thanks to our team of Editors, Reviewers and Authors who made this possible, despite the difficulties and their personal and professional commitments working on the frontline.

The past two years have been extraordinary in many ways, medical literature included. Although the pandemic’s challenges have affected the very heart of our profession, ICM has held its ground, ensuring that crucial guidelines and research news were published promptly to assist our community during the medical crisis.

Back in February 2020, when the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) had not yet spread to Europe, ICM was one of the first Journals to publish contributions about this new disease. These and other COVID-19 articles published over the last two years have been cited and downloaded many times.

This extraordinary result is also reflected in this year’s Impact Factor.

Intensive Care Medicine is truly YOUR journal. This success is your success. Every submission, comment, download, citation, and social media share has helped to bring us to this point.

We are grateful for the time and trust you continue to instil in the journal. We look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations and assisting you in your profession in the coming years!

Giuseppe Citerio
Editor in Chief, Intensive Care Medicine
On behalf of the ICM Editorial Board
Twitter: @yourICM

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