September 6, 2021

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Top thematic articles from the Intensive Care Medicine Journal


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Each month, we will bring you a selection of past original papers, educational articles, discussions, brief reports and correspondence related to our topic of the month.

September’s resources are focused on Neuro Intensive Care (NIC Section):



Smit L. et al. ~ Haloperidol, clonidine and resolution of delirium in critically ill patients

Tschernatsch M. et al. ~ Epileptic seizure discharges in patients after open chamber cardiac surgery – A prospective prevalence study using continuous electroencephalography

van Veen E. et al. ~ Occurrence and timing of withdrawal of life-sustaining measures in traumatic brain injury patients: a CENTER-TBI study

Young P. et al. ~ Conservative Oxygen Therapy for Mechanically Ventilated Adults with Suspected Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy

Systematic Reviews

Al Lawati K. et al. ~ Efficacy and Safety of Tranexamic Acid in Acute Traumatic Brain Injury (T3): A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Burry L.D. ~ Pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions to prevent delirium in critically ill patients: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Sandroni C. et al. ~ Prediction of poor neurological outcome in comatose survivors of cardiac arrest: a systematic review

Narrative Review

Stollings J.L. et al. ~ Delirium in critical illness: clinical manifestations, outcomes, and management

Robba C. et al. ~ Brain ultrasonography: methodology, basic and advanced principles and clinical applications. A narrative review

COVID-19 in Intensive Care

Wilcox M.E. et al. ~ Delirium in COVID-19: Can we make the Unknowns Knowns?

What’s new in Intensive Care

Shams M. et al. ~ What’s new in imaging of acute stroke?


Tu W-J. et al. ~ Stroke Unit Care for Ischemic Stroke in China: Results of a Nation-Based Study


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