October 14, 2021

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Top thematic articles from the Intensive Care Medicine Journal


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Each month, we will bring you a selection of past original papers, educational articles, discussions, brief reports and correspondence related to our topic of the month.

October’s resources are focused on Acute Kidney Injury (AKI Section):



Uhel F. et al. ~ Mortality and host response aberrations associated with transient and persistent acute kidney injury in critically ill patients with sepsis: a prospective cohort study

Vaara S.T. et al. ~ Restrictive fluid management versus usual care in acute kidney injury (REVERSE-AKI): a pilot randomized controlled feasibility trial

Ramanan M. et al. ~ Sodium chloride or Plasmalyte-148 evaluation in severe diabetic ketoacidosis (SCOPE-DKA): a cluster, crossover, randomized, controlled trial

Narrative Reviews

Gabarre P. et al. ~ Acute kidney injury in critically ill patients with COVID-19

Pickkers P. et al. ~ Acute kidney injury in the critically ill: an updated review on pathophysiology and management


Kashani K.B., Schneider A.G. and Ricci Z. ~ Biomarker of persistent acute kidney injury: another gemstone in the jewelry box

Darmon M., Hoste E. & Schetz M. ~ Focus on metabolism, acute kidney injury and its influence on systemic organs

Besen B.A.M.P. et al. ~ Fluid management in diabetic ketoacidosis: new tricks for old dogs?


Pan X.-w. et al. ~ Identification of a potential mechanism of acute kidney injury during the COVID-19 outbreak: a study based on single-cell transcriptome analysis

Stanski N.L. et al. ~ Severe acute kidney injury is independently associated with mortality in children with septic shock



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