November 8, 2021

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Top thematic articles from the Intensive Care Medicine Journal


If you are an ESICM member, you are entitled to an annual subscription to the ICM journal, the publication platform for the communication and exchange of current work and ideas in intensive care medicine.

Each month, we will bring you a selection of past original papers, educational articles, discussions, brief reports and correspondence related to our topic of the month.

November’s resources are focused on Acute Respiratory Failure (AKI Section):



Kacmarek R.M. et al. ~ Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist in acute respiratory failure. A randomized controlled trial

Shaefi S. et al. ~ Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in Patients with Severe Respiratory Failure from COVID-19

Wilson M.E. et al. ~ Do-not-intubate orders in patients with acute respiratory failure: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Narrative Reviews

Ricard J.D. et al. ~ Use of nasal high flow during acute respiratory failure

Grieco D.L. et al. ~ Non-invasive ventilatory support and high-flow oxygen therapy in acute hypoxemic respiratory failure and ARDS


Kreitmann L. et al. ~ Cyclosporine A prevents cardiac arrest-induced acute respiratory failure: A post-hoc analysis of the CYRUS trial

Zucman N. et al. ~ Prediction of outcome of nasal high flow use during COVID-19-related acute hypoxemic respiratory failure

Vasques F. et al. ~  Physiological dead space ventilation, disease severity and outcome in ventilated patients with hypoxaemic respiratory failure due to Coronavirus Disease 2019

Arina P. et al. ~ Discriminating between CPAP success and failure in COVID-19 patients with severe respiratory failure

Trahtemberg U. et al. ~ COVID-19 associated autoimmunity as a feature of acute respiratory failure 



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