September 8, 2021

New free webinar

Replay available


In this free webinar, our expert panel discussed the physiology, requirements, and limitations of fluid responsiveness, a strategy used to select patients who will respond with a positive reaction in a physiologic parameter upon fluid administration.

Learning Outcomes:

This webinar will provide you with the knowledge to:

• differentiate between the need for fluids vs fluid responsiveness
• discern the appropriate use of non-invasive methods to assess fluid responsiveness, with their advantages and limitations.

The Experts:


Prof Xavier MONNET – Professor of Intensive Care, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Bicêtre Hospital, Paris-Saclay University Hospitals, Paris (FR).

Dr Filippo SANFILIPPO – Consultant in Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Policlinico University Hospital, Catania (IT). He is part of the ESICM group for advanced echo accreditation (EDEC).


Dr Olfa HAMZAOUI – Consultant, Surgical and Medical ICU, Antoine Béclère Hospital, Paris-South University, Clamart (FR).

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