October 4, 2016


State of the Art Session       

Legal issues, antibiotic delivery, gyms and children in the ICU?

This session will take participants on a whirlwind tour of some of the complex and not often discussed current topics related to nursing and rehabilitation ICU practice. N&AHP Chair Stijn Blot (Ghent, Belgium) and Bara Ricou Arita (Geneva, Switzerland) will guide this unmissable session for nurses, allied health professionals and anyone who wants to learn about the hottest new concepts in care.

Legal implications for practice – Are we aware? 

Regulatory mechanisms and country specific practice regulations underpin intensive care provider practice. Institutional and cultural barriers exist that also impact a clinician's practice. Specific examples include a healthcare institution’s medical staff bylaws. Scope of practice is a legal term used to define what activities an individual professional can undertake. Practicing within the designated scope of practice is an important component of professional practice. Legal implications for practice often cite scope of practice regulations – therefore it is important for intensive care providers to know the legal boundaries of practice for their specific discipline. This session will provide an overview of issues related to scope of practice and legal implications for practice.

~ Ruth Kleinpell (Chicago, United States)       

Antibiotic delivery: Time for a re-evaluation   

Inhaled antibiotics are considered a potential strategy to optimise the treatment of VAP in the critically ill. However, several clinical and technical limitations need to be considered to ensure the efficacy of aerosolised antibiotic therapy.

~Dani Martí Romeu, Barcelona, Spain

The ICU gym – solution to rehab?    

When it comes to rehabilitation, the questions when, how and where come into play. One innovative idea is to incorporate the rehab directly into the unit.

In this presentation, the rationale for why we felt we needed a gym in our ICU, plus a little background on the process and how having the gym has impacted on our ability to rehab our patients more effectively, more safely and efficiently. Video of one of our patients progression in the gym will also be utilised to demonstrate how such a strategy can be implemented.

~Sarah Gregory, Guildford, United Kingdom

Changing workforce landscape: Eyes on the horizon?    

This ambiguous topic could cover a number of different facets of how and where we may work in the future.This presentation will focus on answering these questions specifically:

How do we improve the supply-demand balance, and how much can we foresee what future 'demand' will look like?

-How might personalised medicine (vs protocolised care) impact on the future nursing and AHP workforce?

-How can we build on the cultural change achieved through early intervention workforce models, such as ICU outreach and MET?

Photo Credit: US Navy

~Ruth Endacott, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Value based caring – What's in a name?   

Within complex organisations, having a shared goal is pivotal to unite the activities of all those who are involved. In the healthcare setting however, stakeholders have plenty of objectives that, sometimes, may be even conflicting (e.g. high standard of care vs. cost containment). Achieving high value for patients must be the all-encompassing goal in healthcare. Hereby value is defined as health outcomes realised per financial unit spent, with outcomes being the health results that really matter for the patient’s condition and costs being the total cost of care for this condition of a care cycle.

~Stijn Blot, Ghent, Belgium

Children visitors in ICU    

"Children visiting my patient in the ICU?… Hmm, great idea, but certainly NOT during my shift!”

What we know is that children do indeed want to visit their relatives and contrary to popular belief, the ICU environment does not really frighten them.

Allowing children to visit their loved-ones requires a family-centred culture change among ICU staff.

In this presentation, guidelines and interventions will be discussed that are intended to prepare and support children of all ages before their visit to the ICU.

~Jos Latour, Plymouth, United Kingdom

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State of the Art Session ~ HOTTEST TOPICS FOR N&AHP 2016 

04.10.2016, 16:00 – 18:00, room Paris  

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