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The mission of the Translational Biology Section is to advance the care of critically ill patients by discovering and advancing new and emerging therapies towards clinical testing. The Section will enable its members to discover novel pathways, biomarkers and interventions in critical illness that can then be tested in clinical trials to discover new therapies for our patients.

Specific aims and objectives of Section 

  • To enhance the profile of basic/translational research within ESICM by providing opportunities for collaboration, education and training to members and trainees within ESICM
  • Develop a Registry of Basic/Translational research groups and their research capabilities, which can be made available as a resource to Section members for networking and collaboration purposes.
  • Identify key knowledge gaps that exists within basic/translational research across the ESICM membership and develop strategies to address these gaps.
  • Increase chances for H2020 funding by facilitating the development of transnational research networks focused on acute organ injury, ARDS and sepsis.
  • To establish ESICM endorsed reference papers on state-of-the-art disease models, focused on acute organ injury, ARDS and sepsis.
  • To provide a platform to engage with the wider ESICM membership regarding Basic/Translational research. A key approach here will be collaborating with other Sections to embed talks on the Basic/Translational science underpinning clinical advances into lecture sessions at LIVES conferences,
  • Partner with Intensive Care Medicine Experimental as the platform journal for preclinical critical care research to develop it into the leading journal focused on basic/translational research in critical care
  • Act as the ESICM partner for other external organisations to provide additional platforms for presentation of preclinical/translational research that focuses on emerging researchers.
  • Partner with the NEXT trainee group to examine ways to provide enhanced training opportunities using our network of laboratories across Europe.

Structure of Translational Biology Section

    • Chair and deputy chair of section, with terms and roles as per ESICM guidelines for Section leads.
    • NEXT member to form a third member of the Section leadership team in view of the importance of training the next generation of Basic/Translational researchers.
    • Lead in Education appointed to sit on Education committee.

The next Translational Biology Section meeting  will be on Monday, October 23rd from 17:00 – 18:00 CET in Room Suite 5 of the MiCo Milan Convention Centre.

Minutes September 2023

Minutes May 2023

Minutes October 2022

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Position Firstname Lastname City Country
Chair Gaetano Perchiazzi Uppsala Sweden
Research Committee Representative John Laffey Galway Ireland
e-Learning Committee Representative Marcin Osuchowshi Vienna Austria
Clinical Training Committee Representative Luis Morales Barcelona Spain
Social Media and Digital Content Committee Representative Elena Chiodaroli Milano Italy