January 10, 2019


Your stories matter


We would like to share with you the specially-commissioned film “ICU Faces”, which used personal accounts and real life experiences of ICU staff, patients and their families, from across Europe.

Why did the Society decide to make such a film? Past President, Prof. Massimo Antonelli, answers this question…

“Intensive care professionals often refer to statistics, figures and probabilities, that are all measured and scientifically proven. But intensive care medicine is also about humans, about the men or women with their own experiences of ICUs – sometimes tragic, sometimes amusing…

Intensive care professionals are the best ambassadors of our specialty. The responsibilities we have can sometimes make us nervous, but can also make us proud of who we are and what we accomplish as a team. We are a team, we are in this together, fighting to save more lives. We can be proud of ourselves.

The kind words of our patients, or their families, are the best reward…These very personal accounts are what make our speciality so rich and interesting…so “alive”, and as intensivists, we care about lives.”

This film was first shown during the Opening Ceremony of our annual congress in Paris to an audience of 1200. The feedback has been outstanding and we have been asked if the film can be used for training purposes and to recruit staff to the ICU.

Of course we say “yes”. Many people are able to relate to the words which will be relevant for many years to come.

Watch the moving testimonies:

Short version (10 minutes)
Full version (27 minutes)


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