Review Process

We thank the abstracts submitters and congratulate those selected. We also encourage the authors not selected to resubmit for LIVES 2018 in Paris.


Poster Corner 1 - Emergency and Neuro-Intensive Care

Poster Corner 2 - ICU Organisation and Outcome

Poster Corner 3 - Kidney and Metabolism

Poster Corner 4 - Outcomes and Quality Improvement

Poster Corner 5 - Respiratory Failure And Mechanical Ventilation

Poster Corner 6 - Sepsis and Cardiovascular Dynamics

Abstract Awards

Three best abstracts have been selected by the Conference Committee to win a free registration for one of our forthcoming ESICM events (such as the LIVES Forum 2018, or LIVES 2018, or EuroAsia 2019).

Abstract Reviewers

Once again, reviewers, who are top experts from a wide range of areas were tasked with ensuring the highest quality abstracts are selected and organised to create an interesting and varied cutting-edge scientific programme for EuroAsia 2018 in Hong Kong.
ESICM recognises and appreciates the important contributions of these busy specialists who offer their expertise and time to ensure that the programme for EuroAsia 2018 will not only meet, but surpass the scientific heights of past events.

Thank You to this amazing group of intensive care professionals: EuroAsia 2018 Abstract Reviewers