December 8, 2021

Intensive Care Bites

ESICM Talk: Episode 20


Given the rapidity with which critically ill patients with bleeding can deteriorate, having a standardised approach to transfusion in these patients can be of great assistance to clinicians working in time-pressured circumstances.

An expertise task force created within ESICM has developed an international guideline that provides guidance for clinicians caring for critically ill patients with massive and non-massive bleeding.

26 clinical practice recommendations (2 strong recommendations, 13 conditional recommendations, 11 no recommendations), and 11 PICO (population, intervention, comparison, and observation) with insufficient evidence to make recommendations were generated and published.

To understand and clarify further this research, Julie Helms, ICM Associate Editor, has interviewed one of the leading experts of this study Alexander Vlaar. Check out the following podcast to learn more.

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