February 14, 2024

Intensive Care Bites

An ESICM Talk powered by the ICM Journal & the NEXT Committee


Numerous Population Pharmacokinetic (PopPK) models have been developed for Piperacillin (PIP), most of which are based on small monocentric studies and may not be generalizable to other populations. A recent evaluation of six PIP models in 30 ICU patients receiving CI demonstrated large inter-model variability regarding predictability. The transferability of these results to other populations is uncertain due to the limited number of patients and the monocentric setting. Furthermore, a clinically oriented model assessment in conjunction with Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) (Bayesian forecasting) was lacking. A recent study aimed to evaluate the predictive performance of available PIP PopPK models with and without TDM using an external multicenter dataset to facilitate model selection for MIPD in critically ill patients. Listen to the podcast and learn more about the methodology and findings of this study.

Original articleTowards model-informed precision dosing of piperacillin: multicenter systematic external evaluation of pharmacokinetic models in critically ill adults with a focus on Bayesian forecasting

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