September 6, 2023

Intensive Care Bites

An ESICM Talk powered by the NEXT Committee


Central nervous system (CNS) infections significantly burden ICU physicians’ daily clinical work. Diagnosis can be challenging, and timely management is of the utmost importance.

Meningoencephalitis is one of the CNS infections for which the epidemiological studies conducted in adult patients suggest that approximately one in two will require care in an intensive care unit. In those patients requiring ICU admission, meningoencephalitis is associated with a poor prognosis, including refractory seizures, prolonged hospital stay, neurological disability, and death.

The EURECA study endorsed by the ESICM intended to characterise the clinical presentation, etiologies, and outcomes in adult patients with severe meningoencephalitis requiring care in the ICU. We discuss its findings in this episode.

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