January 21, 2022

Intensive Care Bites

An ESICM Talk powered by the NEXT Committee


Neuromonitoring is considered a crucial and fundamental process to monitor patients in critical care settings.

In this podcast, ESICM NEXT member Denise Battagliani interviews Chiara Robba, Chair-Elect of the ESICM Neuro Intensive Care section, on the latest findings regarding neuromonitoring, including:

  • basics of neuromonitoring research;
  • indications for neuromonitoring of patients who do (not) suffer any direct brain injury;
  • the rationale in neuromonitoring patients with sepsis, COVID-19 and liver failure and the most appropriate tools to use for each of this cohort of patients;
  • the use of neuromonitoring tools during the perioperative period for neurosurgical patients and patients who undergo cardiac and vascular surgeries.

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