September 27, 2023

Intensive Care Bites

An ESICM Talk powered by the N&AHP Committee


Intensive care units (ICU) are the most peculiar units in hospitals where the quality and safety of health care delivery should be at the highest level. The most critical patients are treated in this unit, posing all healthcare professionals working there with continuous physical and emotional challenges.

ICU teams are composed of different profiles with the same goal of satisfying the needs of the patients. Combining each one’s skills and abilities to make the best clinical decisions requires healthy multidisciplinary teamwork.

Recent studies show that the ability to work in a team in the ICU results in better patient outcomes and less or better coping with ICU staff burnout.

Learn more about the importance of interprofessional teamwork in the ICU in this podcast with Elena Conoscenti and Andreas Xyrichis.

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